Experience 100% Auto Live | October 13 & 14, 2018

An unique combination of a large international selection of show cars, breathtaking drift shows, the latest highlights in the field of design, performance, car audio and tons of entertainment. That is 100% Auto Live at Rotterdam Ahoy.


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  • 100% Auto Live is a successful event packed with unique cars and car-related entertainment. This popular event attracts 40,000 visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium to Rotterdam Ahoy every year, making it the Benelux' biggest design & performance event. Our visitors come for the 100% mix of show cars, in-car entertainment, the latest design & performance trends, and, of course, spectacular action. Direct contact with the target group is an effective and powerful tool for exhibitors. 100% Auto Live is the ultimate opportunity to present your brand, get in touch with new customers and meet existing business relations. For more information and options, please contact us via info@100autolive.nl

    At 100% Auto Live you will find an unique combination of a large international selection of show cars which are selected by our carhunters. Want to participate as a carowner and show off your car at the event? Send a few pictures of your car to carhunter@100autolive.nl to have a chance to get a place at the event.  

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Rotterdam Ahoy
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