100% AUTO LIVE 23 - 25 OCTOBER 2020

At the beginning of this year, 402Automotive took over the concept of 100% Auto Live from Rotterdam Ahoy. With a fresh perspective and a lot of motivation, a new path was taken to get 100% Auto Live back to the great years. The concept has been changed to an event with 5 main themes including: 100% supercars, 100% performance, 100% tuning, 100% american cars and 100% motorsport. A concept where diversity is important in order to offer something for everyone. Over 47,000 visitors witnessed an unprecedented success in the past 2.5 days. Rotterdam Ahoy was the place to be if you are a car enthusiast. There were many highlights to experience, such as the spectacular demonstrations in the outdoor action arena, the Robert Doornbos grand prix, many showcars ??from all over Europe, various workshops and, to top it all, 4 Bugattis on the Car Catwalk. In short, an unprecedentedly successful weekend. Thank you all for coming! Make a note of it in your agenda because next year we will be back from October 23 to October 25, 2020.


    Tuning has long been more than simply car styling. Nowadays, the trick is instead to squeeze the last drop of power from your engine, regardless of whether you drive a VW Golf, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Huracán or a Ford Mustang. Ahoy will showcase the fastest, most high-performance street cars.


    What's a car show without supercars these days? Who doesn't enjoy the roar of a Lamborghini, the rumbling of an Audi RS6, or the brand-new Porsche 911? At 100% Auto Live, you'll encounter dozens of exclusive cars and supercars.


    100% Auto Live is home to the quickest track devils in all disciplines, from drag racing and drifting to Dutch Time Attack, and from track racing to rally sports. While some cars will be on static display, many race cars will definitely make an appearance in the Live Action Arena. We've long had a reputation for awesome drifting shows that fill the arena and all of Ahoy with tyre smoke. Now, however, we're also going to showcase other branches of motor sports. Be sure to bring earplugs!


    While lowriders have been a favourite at 100% Auto Live over the years, American Cars will now become a permanent feature as well. The looks and power of the USA's best will be yours to behold, from Mustangs and Corvettes to Dodge pickups and Vipers.

  • NEW!100% TUNING

    100% Auto Live is keen to keep up its long-time rep as a trendsetter in tuning for years to come. This year, Ahoy will once again host the finest and coolest creations in various types of car styling, with a special focus on the sickest creations in the car audio realm.

  • NEW!402 CARD

    A new benefit is that 100% Auto Live has been added to line-up of the 402 Card, an annual pass granting access to 20 car shows for just €39 for 12 months. 



    There will be over 200 show cars at 100% Auto Live for you to admire, representing a stunning selection of supercars, sports cars, tuning cars, muscle cars, lowriders, drag racers and time attackers - each one utterly unique,outdoing each other in speed and horsepower.


    Dozens of stands will bring you the widest range of wheels, tyres, performance parts, exhausts, high-performance oil, motor sports products, car audio and styling products. There will also be various lifestyle stands.


    The outdoor Live Action Arena in Rotterdam Ahoy has been home to awesome drifting shows for years. We wouldn't dream of abandoning that tradition this year. We will be adding new shows, including Burnout Madness, demos with drag racers and time attackers, as well as stunt shows.


    Your day wouldn't be complete without a variety of car audio demos, lowriders, stunt shows, rev battles and the prettiest pit girls. We will soon publish a timetable to tell you when you can see, hear or experience which type of entertainment, and where to go.


    The Car Catwalk is a new item on the programme. On the Car Catwalk, you will be able to get up close and personal with the greatest creations, supercars and performance cars. Our shows every hour will include interviews, demos and much more.


    After last year's success, the Robert Doornbos Grand Prix will return to 100% Auto Live in Rotterdam Ahoy. The nicest pedal car race in the Netherlands! Rotterdam Sporticonen, organizer of this annual youth event in honor of Robert Doornbos and 402 Automotive, organizer of 100% Auto Live, have entered into a partnership for this. Former F1 driver and TV commentator Robert Doornbos will be present both days.


    100% Auto Live just wouldn't be the same without a gaming component. The Playzone will have the latest in games for you to play, as well as the hottest innovations in VR and e-sports. There will be presentations on famous games by their own designers and of course a range of race simulators.


    Want to experience what it feels like to drive a Supercar? That is possible during 100% Auto Live in a fast Ferrari, a Lamborghini Urus or Huracan or a Nissan GTR with 1,000 hp! Order your tickets here: FULL = FULL!

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